UrbanCat: a new Hakka voice based on folk Jazz music
UrbanCat, different from typical Hakka bands, creates fresh and new urban folk songs based on acoustic guitars integrating with double bass and Jazz drums. Featuring a female… More
Lo Sirong & Gomoteu: original new Hakka ballads that are rich in literary value
Known for poetic songs and broad musical style, Lo Sirong & Gomoteu is a band that retains the unique feature of Taiwan’s Hakka ethnic group and embodies the diverse and… More
Ayugo Huang: a singer who brings Hakka music to the mainstream
Ayugo Huang is a Taiwanese music producer and singer-songwriter. He has been in the popular music circle for more than 20 years. Ayugo Huang sings Hakka folk songs and is flexible… More
Yen Chih-wen: the pioneer of Hakka music innovations
As the first musician in Taiwan to start Hakka music innovations, Yen Chih-wen used the method for composing modern jazz music to rearrange traditional Hakka music’s elements and… More
Wu Sheng-chih: the pioneer of contemporary Hakka pop music
Wu Sheng-chih is a singer and pop music creator. In the 1970s, he created a new possibility for Hakka music that was different from the past. This created a big echo on Hakka… More
Sheng-Xiang & Band: convey care for the land and people of Taiwan through music
The Sheng-Xiang & Band is a Hakka band that conveys care for farmers, land and labor through songs. Its music is based on Taiwan's traditional musical elements, and is fused with… More
Fan Yang-cheng: promoter of Hakka eight-note singing
Fan Yang-cheng is the head of the Yang Sheng Bayin Troupe (揚聲八音團) and is known for his witty improvised singing skills. Throughout his life, he has devoted himself to performing… More
Cheng Rom-shing: a Hakka opera pioneer and teacher
Cheng Rom-shing is an opera music teacher and preserver; a composer; and a researcher of folk music and opera. Cheng set up the Hakka Opera Academy, and studied and wrote more… More
Chiu Feng-jung: the driving force behind Hakka puppet theater
Chiu Feng-jung is a talented Hakka artist in the puppet theater industry. Since he first came in contact with puppet shows in 1996, he has brought Hakka traditional culture into… More