The Release of New Book, HAKKA in Northeast Asia and Oceania to Map Out the Hardships of Hakkaneses around the World
The new book, HAKKA in Northeast Asia and Oceania was announced to be released under the witness of Huang Yu-chen, the Minister of Hakka Affairs Council, Liu te-kuan, the Chairman… More
Experience Hakka Festivities—the Official Announcement of “12 Major Festivities of Hakka Villages in 2014”
Still worried about where to spend your holidays? Twenty unique Hakka festivities are selected and announced at the press conference of “12 Major Festivities of Hakka Villages in… More
A Warm Opening of the 2013 Global Hakka Meeting “To Make Taiwan a New World Hakka City,” said by President Ma
Over 600 oversea Hakkaneses from 28 countries across five continents gathered together on November 19, greeted each other with their most familiar native language and warmly… More
Huang Yu-Chen, the Minister of Hakka Affairs Council, Visited Hakka Industries and Restaurants in Taoyuan and Hsinchu to Expect the Mixture of Hakka Cultures and the Improvement of Hakka Industries
On the 8th of November, the Minister of Hakka Affairs Council, Huang Yu-Chen came to Hsinchu and Taoyuan to visit businesses that registered for “the project of integrated… More
Compete for the Final Victory in the National Hakka Art and Culture Competition held in Nantou; “Racing to Success” with the Land Boat to Market Guoshing Township
On the 9th of November at Hakka villages in Nantou, the finals of “the 2013 National Hakka Art and Culture Competition for Elementary and Middle Schools” were held at National Chi… More
Liudui Hakka Cultural Park celebrates its two year anniversary Highlights include over 2.1 million total visitors
Parents and children are packed under umbrellas for a family outing. Traditional dancing lions accompanied by gongs and drums draw laughter from the children in the audience. On… More
2013-2014 Overseas Youth Hakka Culture Camp(Camp 1)
一、目的:為使海外華裔青年藉由親身體驗及學習觀摩的方式,認識臺灣客家文化,並培養對客家語言、文化、美食及產業等的興趣與認同,以便日後成為海外傳承推廣客家文化的種子。   Objectives:This camp is especially designed for overseas youths to realize Hakka culture, to… More
Warm affection in Perfect Hakka Dishes from overseas compatriots
The saying goes, “People reunite on the full moon night.” The fourth session of the Overseas Hakka Cuisine Course Elementary Class 2013 ended before Mid-autumn Festival. For… More
Hakka TAIWAN: Branding Exquisite Taiwan Hakka Specialties to Europe for Countless Opportunities
To promote international cultural exchange and market the Hakka TAIWAN brand, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) travelled to Germany to participate in the Tendence 2013 held in… More
New Repertoire for All Ages for Fine Hakka Opera Tour 2013: At the Sancha River
For all places and different ethnic groups to enjoy national grade Hakka opera performances, Minister Yu-cheng Huang of the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) announced on September 10… More